Monday, January 22, 2007

Sweet sleeping angels! Lauren and Jillian came over to have their morning nap at my house today. (my friend Jenni's almost 4 month old twins) Thankfully, my friend Anabela was here to help get them asleep. Gavin loved the babies and really wanted to play with them. He also kept squealing "baby baby" with the sweetest voice. The girls are so beautiful!

Michelle's babies room is done in farm animals and she even painted a tree herself in one afternoon! So cute! Gavin loved pointing out all of the animals and making their sounds!

In my parents garage my mom and I had a great time making over 20 fresh flower arrangements for the shower. Don't you think the flowers look great next to the chainsaws?

Over 90 people showed up to shower Michelle with love at her baby shower! Not bad for a icy cold evening shower. Samantha is one loved baby girl. We are all so excited to meet her. The first picture shows our Aunts and mother in laws. The second is Me with Michelle and our amazing mum!

Here Gavin's cousin Morgan is putting him to night night...however I'm not sure if Gavin is exactly ready for bed :) Happy Birthday Morgan today is her 6th birthday!

Aunt Chelle and "chee cehe" for those of you who do not know Gavin still loves to be snuggled when he is tired and drinking his milk. (probably a bad habit but we all love it) Here his Aunt Chelle with a bump, she will be having a baby girl soon! She is due February 28. We are all excited to meet you baby Samantha.

Monday, January 15, 2007

This morning we were given an updated medical report on our baby.
Nadia is doing very well with her development. She now weighs 6.11 lbs! That means she gained 1.9 lbs in one month. YEAH! Go Nadia. She now is 19.3 inches long which is almost 2 more inches in length. We love you and miss you!

She is super bright eyed. The Dr. also said she is taking her formula well and has a strong cry!

We also learned that Nadia has the same pediatrician that Gavin had which makes us very thankful. We felt that Dr. Pinto was excellent and very attentive!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Finally, I am starting a blog! Along with our website we should be able to keep everyone in the loop about the every changing and exciting things happening with our family. Please post whenever you would like to!Especially as our family begins to grow! We are now in the process of adopting a baby girl from Guatemala. Her name is Nadia Laurabeth Meabon. She was born on December 7, 2006. Currently, we are at the beginning of the process in country. What this means is that our documents or (dossier) are being translated. The next step will be family court as well as required DNA testing for Nadia in Guatemala.
We expect the entire process to take about 4-6 months which means she could be home just in time for summer. We are trusting and praying for God's direction about when or if to foster in country. Fostering would mean we would choose to live with her in Guatemala until her adoption process is complete. We appreciate all of your prayers as well as your support as we continue on this rollercoaster journey of becoming a forever family!

Nadia Laurabeth Meabon

Born on December 7, 2006

Weighed 5lbs 2oz and was 17.7 inches long!

On December 20, 2006 our agency notified of us of a baby girl who needed a loving home. We excitedly accepted the best Christmas present of 2006!

We are thinking of her and praying for her each day!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Dedicating Nadia was very special..On December 8, 2007 our family all came to enjoy the celebration. We attend Northview Christian Life check out
Gamma, Papa Dan, Nana Papa, Chelle, Sam and even Nadia's Great Grandma Mae came to Indy. On Saturday we dedicated her and our life group all came to show their support. They read this information about her during her dedication.
Nadia is such a blessing she is a sweet, happy, and loving baby. She is easy going and loves to smile at everyone she meets. We had the opportunity to adopt Nadia this year from Guatemala. We were blessed to have the chance to foster our daughter as Melissa lived in Guatemala for over 3 months to care for her this summer and fall. Although the process was difficult and at times very unpredictable we know that God has protected us and has truly blessed our entire family with Nadia. We are so thankful for the unbelievable support we received from our family, our life group, and friends here at Northview throughout our journey to Nadia. We commit to intentionally raise her on a daily basis with the knowledge that God loves her and how he made her is amazing and wonderful. We promise to create every possible circumstance to help her to become the woman God intends her to be. We pray that she will someday have the privilege of calling Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of her life.