Sunday, January 20, 2008

It is so wonderful to have my babies back we are not doing so well in our New Year's Resolution but we will keep trying our best to stay healthy! This is so precious of Gavin and Nadia playing together, a rare but an increasing activity.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The reality of the this is what my NEW YEAR has been filled with. Literally. I cannot believe Mike took this picture of me but sometimes being a mom is not always glamorous. We started this year with Jan 2 the illnesses began. We had our lifegroup over for a New Year's Eve party and many of the kids shared in this fun sickness, which included: Vomiting, the runniest nose EVER, coughing, fevers and ear infections. Wow what fun! The kids are on the mend and we are so thankful that we did not contract this virus. Mike chipped his tooth this week and now has to have a crown while Nadia is bringing in tooth #7! It is humbling to me every time they are sick how much they need and depend on us for everything. It is also difficult at times to believe that we are responsible for so much as parents. Not only providing their physical needs but so much of their emotional, social, and most importantly spiritual needs. I am keenly aware of these when they are vunerable or in pain and I want so badly to help them. It is easy to imagine now that I am a parent how our heavenly father feels at times looking down on us when we are struggling or in pain. I'm sure He is trying to guide us and provide us with every tool He can to help us through our pain. I pray that this year I will be able to provide these delicate and every changing needs for them. But that I will find joy in doing so..even when it is difficult. I want to resolve to find the positive and give them all that I can to help them to become the people God intends them to be. 2008 here we come!