Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's official tomorrow Nadia's Visa is delivered and we can fly on Friday. What a relief to be was so nice to hold Mike and he is soo happy to be with his girls now we just need to get to Gavin. We are coming home! We love you all thanks again for your support and prayers.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We are coming home! I cannot believe it but it is true..we are coming home praise God! On Wednesday October 17 at 7:15 AM we have our U.S. Embassy appointment. The next day our visa will be ready and then we will fly into Detroit on Friday.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Gavin is now trying to dress himself! Great job a 2 year old skill off the checklist..he is simply brilliant.

Is he the cutest little man in the USA!

Miss you bad sweet baby boy.


All I have to say is I miss my little man a lot! having a great time with Daddy on weekends and really enjoyed his first camping trip.
Playing at the beach was great too!
Papa's are so important to hug too...
Thanks everyone for helping out..even baby Sam!

Who says being traditional is always better..Aunt Deb gave Nadia a green bean to teeth on. She loved nawing on the new raw texture. So cute..

Cutie in the tub! She is so sweet we don't have a bathtub at our new Casa but Nadia loves her bath. She is so fun and such an easy baby. I can't wait for you all to get to meet her SOMEDAY!

Ok, so I look awful but I absloutely love it when she is a snuggie face! She burrows into my armpit and tucks her tush up in the air like a sweetheart! I love it. We think that Nadia is left handed which would not make her, Nana, Papa, Uncle Kristian and especially her mommy sad since we are all LEFTIES too! Nadia said her first word today Bye Bye, I spend so much of my time connecting with others (especially Gavin) via Skype that now she says Bye Bye after I hang up!

Leechee's...werid crazy sweet fruit, it tastes a lot like a grape.

Great fun and momma's making it through this! Lisa, Marisa, and Blair are just a few of the friends we have made here in Antigua. American momma's loving their babies and trying to bring their babies home to the U.S. We are all almost there we can taste the US soil but not there yet.
The party was super fun Ava is the Birthday girl on the far right and Bridget is on the far left.

It is very nice to have Aunt Deb or Deborah here to help us! She is so sweet and is enjoying the weather, amazing gardens, and the new culture!

We loved the way they actually make the kids work a little for the candy with the pinata!

Nadia's first friend's birthday party. We were very excited to be invited to Ava's first birthday party! The babies loved the warm beautiful day and loved being together. We loved Nadia's special dress from Nana that Daddy found in her closet it fit perfectly and we were thankful for a new outfit! Mommy is considering burning several of her outfits when she gets home..hee hee a little tired of her wardrobe down here.
Babies in a bar? Well, it is actually a cafe called Cafe Sky. Nadia and her best friend Baby Bridget enjoyed the big comfy chairs and the mommies enjoyed being out together!

Hermano San Pedro..I learned a couple of weeks ago that the only Saint in all of Central America is buried here in Antigua. Hermano San Pedro. Kind of interesting!