Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So, I'm a little behind on bloggin! What exactly am I not behind on...let's see not much. It was great fun having our cousin Jacob and Aunt Deb drop by on their way through town. Nadia loved being held by him. He was stationed in Japan for the last few years but is now going to get to be stateside in WVa. He is so looking foward to bringing his soon to be new family to the US he is engaged and PROUD of it!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Having Aunt Chelle and Gamma in Indy was wonderful they helped so much with Nadia's room. She now has a whympsical tree, a canopy, a newly slip covered chair and a her sweet self making her room extremely beautiful. The most beautiful room in the house.

Halloween was a scream from a Lion, a Sweet Pea and a Baby bee my niece Sam!

Babies in a basket..it is great to have my sweeties together. Each day is a new adventure with two they are such happy and sweet children and they are keeping us on our toes.

Friday, November 09, 2007

It was also wonderful to get back to Indiana and spend time with our "Life Group" our small group from our church.

Kid's hanging out together...It was so nice to have Nadia and Samantha my 8 month old niece together to play FINALLY!
Being away from Gavin for 6 weeks was so incredibly painful. We skyped (webcammed) about 3 times per day. My mom, Mike's mom, and my sister all have webcams. The first couple of weeks Gavin did not want to cam but after that he adjusted and really enjoyed our chats. We even played together for about 1 hour on the webcam. Anyway, when Gavin woke up on the Saturday morning we arrived in Toledo. Mike and I came around the corner in the kitchen of my mom's house. He screamed and began shaking and crying for joy...he gave me one of the best hugs of my life and could not stop screaming, "I found Mommy and Gamma's house!"

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Matt were so happy and relieved to hold her for the first time! Nadia is just a bit sleepy..in these shots.
This was one happy moment! Landing on US soil with our baby was one of the greatest feelings ever. God answers prayers! It was unbelievable to us how God continued to protect and guide our steps through the last moments of this incredible odyssey to Nadia. So the last post (sorry for the blog silence our hard drive fried on our computer! not surprising eh? with all that happened) the last post explained that we were getting our visa the next day. Well that was not exactly what happened. Our visa was not ready on Thursday this brought another set of anxiety filled decisions for us to make again! Thank goodness Mike and I were together. We both felt like we were close to our breaking point but prayed and tried to ask our agency for advice. (which was once again a mistake) We find this information out on Thursday at 4:30 PM and the US Embassy is already closed. Basically, our Friday went like this: Our wonderful driver picked us up in Antigua at 5:00 A.M. we prayed this prayer together.."God we need two miracles one from the American Embassy and one from American Airlines." We knew that God would procide this for us because he has provided so much for us all through this "roller coaster." Mike dropped Nadia and I off with our 400 bags at the airport at 6:00 AM he then went immediately to the US Embassy to be the first in line. The day before...which was when we expected to receive Nadia's Visa we were informed that her Visa would be ready Friday at 7:30 AM. Well, cutting this close was the understatement our flight left Guate City at 8:30 AM for an Int'l flight you must check in 1 hour before or they give your seat away basically there was no possible way for them to check us in because we did not have the Visa. My role while Mike waited for the Embassy to open was to BEG and PLEAD with American Airlines to put us on the next available flight out of the city. As I arrived at the ticket in tears already and looking RATHER exhausted from my whopping 4 hours of sleep. The kind lady at the counter interrupted me to inform me that our flight was ALREADY delayed for 1:30! So perfect to think that God already knew this was what we needed was amazing to us. The night before there was a storm which caused the flight to be rerouted to El Salvador which meant the crew had to rest for an extra amount of time the next morning. I immediately called our driver who ran to Mike with his cell phone, the relief in Mike's voice was the such a blessing! He now could have waited for 3 our 4 hours for the Visa. Luckily kind individuals NOT from our agency just kind Guatemalan's helped Mike get the Visa right away. As we checked in at the ticket counter with Nadia's 10 minute old Visa we could not help but smile and smile! God has blessed us with 2 miracles in one morning. We even took our driver out to Pollo Campero Mike's favorite place for breakfast in Guate.

Boarding that plane in Guatemala on Friday put us home in Detroit at 12:40 which was too late for a huge welcoming party and too late for our sweet 2 and half year old but nothing has felt better to me than the good old USA! One of the things people like to ask me now is does it feel to finally be home? My favorite and truthful answer is amazing to be a family and the US just smells good to me..hee hee. Guatemala smelled stinky to me most of the time. Closing this chapter in our lives was not only one of the most rewarding experience but it was an experience that grew our faith, our families faith, and even the faith our friends that prayed relentlessly for us. We continue to be amazed by how many people this journey touched and how many people blanketed us in their daily prayers. God bless each of you. We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.