Sunday, July 29, 2007

When it is all said and done the trip with my parents was filled with a lot of giggling, hugs, kisses, pain, and even tears from all. Thanks again Mom and Dad for helping us get established here in Guate. For those of you who do not know when my mom came to help me foster (had to share this sorry mom) with Gavin the day before she left we climbed Pacaya, yes with a 3 month old, yes it was an active volcano, no we did not go near the lava, but we could hear it booming. Well, on the way back down the volcano mom sprained her ankle and it was the size of an apple. A park ranger was able to wrap it and give it a treatment. So, the next day we teased that she had to get out of Guate, before Guate got her! Well, on Friday I was terrified when she woke up and proclaimed to me (still unable to walk upright with back pain) that she needed to go to an emergency room. I knew the connections and I had were reliable and I basically knew that where we had to go but I was not exactly sure because I had never been to a Guatemalan hospital! The whole idea gave me shivers...but I prayed for direction and stayed calm and started making phone calls. By 9:00 am I had a bilingual driver and the name of the medicines mom needed. He drove us very slowly through Antigua the roads are so bumpy and we were very thankful because she was in so much pain. The fastest way to get treatment here is to go to a pharmacy first and buy WHATEVER and I mean WHATEVER drug you want. She wanted a narcotic level pain killer that is only injectable. When we asked for it they handed it to us like it was a box of q-tips or something. SYRNIGE and ALL! When we asked for two more...they walked right over and gave it to us! Mom exlaimed in disbeliefe, "THEY HANDED YOU A SYRINGE." The Dr. at the private hospital was very helpful and reccomended more pain medicine and even wrote her a note to stay for 10 more days if she was going to unable to fly. Mom, laughed and said the same thing as 2 years before,..."I'm going home I want my own bed." I replied with the same reply as two years ago, "you better before Guate gets you!" Even though the last thing you want to do is go to a hospital in the third world I am happy I know that we can get to one very quickly and it is a decent hospital too.

The first image is my mom's favorite it is the view from our Apartementos Santa Rosa. The second photos are the view from the cross which is on the hillside behind Antigua. Dad and I climbed and, "enjoyed the fresh O2!" he exclaimed as the rain storm subsided. Today, as I reflect and begin to settle into my life here I am so thankful for the cross and for Christ's love for us. I am thankful that he has gone before us and he guides our steps. I know that we can't see the finish line here (regarding processes in everyones lives) but He is faithful and I know He is here with us. As I finish my first 48 hours alone here in Guatemala with 2 under 2 I am so grateful for all that God has done and will continue to do in our lives.

Watching Gavin and Nadia with my parents was such a great time and a real blessing. Thank you so much mom and dad for your support, love, and prayers!

Wednesday was a holiday in Antigua only. There were sooo many boomba's (very loud fireworks that go off at anytime here day or night) they prefer to set them off at 5:00 AM to celebrate someones birthday and terrify the entire city out of bed. Anyway, Gavin loved the children's parade and especially the drums. The center photo gives a decent picture of the Arch.

On Tuesday my dad and I took the kids on the Elizabeth Bell tour

It is a very in depth tour of Antigua and the rich history and architecture in this city. Gavin learned about as much as he did two years ago..the kids did great considering it was a 3 hour walking tour. Nadia slept on Dad through the entire thing and Gavin enjoyed playing near more "brokens" ruins. When he wanted to walk down in one of the crypts where Mayans had been worshiping and a saint was buried I decided to draw the line there..Gavin is holding a replica of a Jade mask found at Tikal. Jade is from here and we toured a Jade factory too.

My Dad brought his harmonica and Gavin loved playing outside our front door with his harmonica. They really had a great time together.

This is a late entry but I loved the picture with my mom and Gavin. Gavin loved flying up until the delays and sitting on the runway for one hour before taking off..Always an adventure!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Our one day all together before Gamma had her owey...was very fun and special at Hotel Antigua we swam and swam and enjoyed the national instrument of Guatemala the Marimba.

Sorry for the blog silence..things have been a bit nuts here. I finally have a handle on our case and we are once again back in PGN as of July 25. Which means we could be here and will most likely be here for at least two more months. We are praying for a miracle but that is the usual way things go with PGN. So enough of the talk about the yucky part of our life. This past week was difficult and fun too. In addition to learning about our cases slow down on Monday morning my amazing hard working mother threw out her back...and when I say threw out she literally had to stay in bed for the week. The sad but part we were all thankful for is that Papa Dan arrived on Sunday! He ran up to the plate and stepped in to help in a major way. Boy does he love his grandkids and do they LOVE him!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

So, a little bit of the familiar never hurt anyone..yesterday Gavin had his favorite food chicken nuggets. That's right at McDonalds in Antigua, Guatemala. By the way there are a lot of rosters around here and whenever Gavin hears them he exclaims, Chickens Chickens make Chicken Nuggets!" The other photo shows you what Gavin wants to do all the time..hold baby Nadia so sweet he really is a special BIG BROTHER!

I had to blog about Antigua there are many ruins from Cathedrals we live near one in fact our complex is called Santa Rosa and is named after this cathedral. Gavin calls it the broken he asks all the time to go and see the "broken" which means he likes to look at the big broken piece of the ruin. As seen here!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My vegging children. So, unfortunately we left/lost/they were stolen...all of our DVD's and when I say all I mean about 25 children's movies (including Mike's Pixar collection (sorry babe). This is an image of my children watching the only movie we have is thankfully one of Gavin's favorites.

This is Hotel Antigua where we relax and enjoy a heated pool. On Sundays they have an all you can eat brunch that includes swimming. Gavin loves the water of course.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sink bath's and Amazing Gamma's. I am so thankful for my mom's help she is a true saint and a blessing from above. She has done a tremendous job helping me stay balanced and has really helped in getting our home set up here. From grocery stock ups to every detail. We are really impressed by how well Nadia is eating she had about four meals today as well as 5 six ounce bottles! She really loves baby food and her rice cereal. We miss you all especially Daddy, Gavin talked a lot about Daddy today he gets a little confused about where he is kind of cute he says he wants to go to Gamma's house and thought he was in Toledo once today. I am so thankful for the sense of peace I have here it is really really HARD work but God is blessing me and I am relying on him for strength and guideance about our next steps...Which we have no idea what or how we will proceed. Finding contentment in every situation even when my circumstances are not what I want is my goal here. Being in the present and accepting the blessings I have all around me...
These photos were taken at the Westin Gavin's last moments as the little prince now there is a princess too! He squealed, "Baby Nadia" when he met her for the first time and loves to hug her!

Wow, becoming a mother of two in a third world country has not given me one dull moment. God as well as Gavin and Nadia have exceeded my expectations. Our place is really nice and very comfortable. We went into town today and while we were at a sweet little coffee shop called, Higher Ground they played Gavin's favorite song Hillsong "Take it All" so crazy in Antigua Guatemala. We were able to find pureed vegetables for Nadia at a little tienda called Epicure, a gourmet shop of sorts that actually sells TRADER JOE"S food. I'm am so proud of how well Gavin is adjusting he simply loves Nadia. He is unsure of how gentle to be of course but he is learning. He is keeping up with his potty training for the most part. Nadia thinks Gavin is simply hilarious. Nadia had a really rough night last night and has a bit of a wet cough but seemed better today. When she is really happy she begins swinging herself really fast back and forth. She is so sweet and loves to be held all the time!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Back in Antigua...we are really enjoying being here, I have more pictures but things have been a bit crazy. Our apartment complex is lovely Gavin already has 3 new friends they were hunting for Tigers today. He postively loves Nadia to pieces and she laughs at him. Oun internet is shotty but we are working on it...We have bad news regarding our process and there is no news of coming home soon. We have a great amount of supplies. Nadia is crying and is still waking at night :( Thanks for all of your prayers. Miss you all.

Melissa, Gavin, Nadia, and Gamma Sharyl

Friday, July 06, 2007

Uncle Matt and Aunt Claire dropped in for a one night stay on their way to Claire's sister's wedding in southern MO. Matt had the chance to drive a BIG TRUCK and Gavin helped for a bit..

Having Aunt Susanne and Uncle Kristian here was so special for all of us but Gavin thought it was a permanent weekend party. He really missed them when they left and loved every second they where here. It was wonderful having them for a short visit from England. We love you guys and miss you both!

Our Safari guy loves his homeade camera...who knew a casette tape is such a great camera. How megapixels does it have?

Gavin's first day of Gymnastics! Our little tumbler loves his class and did a great job with forward rolls, headstands and even jumping on the giant trampoline.

So, this is where the term Daddy's little Helper comes from. They are so cute together...

My Basil I was the 13 year old girl complaining about gardening and I quote myself here, "I will NEVER EVER have a garden, they are stupid and too much work." Here I am literally eating my words as I already force my 2 year old into laboring with my first major basil crop. The Pesto will be fabulous this fall! The green beans and broccoli are great and I will have enough tomatoes to share with the neighborhood! Gavin is very excited about the jack be little pumpkins or "baby pumpkins."

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

These are just a couple of pics from before we left....cute pics of Great Grandpa and Great Grandma with Gavin and Baby Sam...The one with Gavin dressed up is him helping me helpful and cute.