Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We are so excited to finally hold Nadia! Here is a short video of our first few minutes in our hotel room, interacting with little Nadia. Keep checking back for more videos and pictures!


David said...

Great smile --- we love you and contine to pray that you will ALL THREE of you will have a terrififfffcccccc time:)


Susanne said...

She is amazingly adorable. I love seeing her with you guys! We are celebrating with you and praying!
Sus and k!

Anonymous said...

How awesome - she's beautiful!!! Soak up EVERY second with her - it's sooo much fun. Enjoy the hotel - they'll know you well before you leave :o)

Brian, Jeanna, Brent and Averie Wampler

Christina said...

She is precious. Her eyes are so beautiful. Congrats mommy and daddy -- she is finally in your arms. I am praying for you all.

Keller Fam said...

It's so awesome to see you loving on your baby girl. It brought tears to my eyes. Enjoy your week. I'm thinking of and praying for you!

Kent said...

So beautiful! Looking forward to holding her one day soon! We love you.


reallifesm said...

I have been crying looking at all the pictures and this video. Nadia is truly blessed to have such wonderful parents--and big brother :) We're praying!
Much love!
Daisy and family

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!
What a very special week the Lord has granted you! We are praying for you as this process continues on..
We are here for you!!!
Love & prayers!
The Oppold's

Jerry said...

llWhat a wonderful little girl...We are so excited to meet her!

Jerry and Tess Hill

Jerry said...

What a beautiful little girl, Tess and I cant wait to meet her!