Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day! For Mother's day we took a 10 hour drive to introduce Nadia to Mike's Mema for the first time. She loved Nadia and cried when we left. The most amazing thing happened while we were there. Nadia took her first steps! I should be screaming this from the mountain tops but it has been rather anti-climatic because of how busy we have been. Nadia is so cute as she is taking steps you have to count for her and they are the tiniest. Special things we did while we were there are we went to eat at the Golden Corral (which is Mema's favorite place to eat). We also checked out the train coming into the station.

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The Liller Family said...

Now that's impressive - Nadia doing the splits while she sleeps! Love the pic of Gavin by the train tracks too, so cute! So cool that Nadia is walking - she was trying so hard that day at church! Way to go sweet girl!!!