Friday, July 04, 2008

Baby Jonah was so sweet and it was amazing to meet him and love on him for the first time in England. Jonah was so cuddly loving and slept a lot while we were there. I hear he has never slept as well again since Auntie Melissa (just kidding)

I have to say that there truly are a couple of similarities between our living experiences with babies in foreign countries (Jonah born in England baby, Gavin and Nadia born in Guate). No car, cobblestone streets, carrying him everywhere, visiting historical ruins, cell phone cards and skyping, converting the dollar but in the complete OPPOSITE of our favor 2 to 1 in England verses in Guate the dollar was 7.5 to 1. But that is about it...we did not have to barter in a different language for food, or scavenger hunt for household items at many stores. (I love SuperTarget by the way sidebar) Jonah we cant wait to hold you again at Thanksgiving I know you are going to be such a big baby boy!

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