Friday, April 27, 2007

Amazing News! We received our much awaited and prayed for Visa Pre-approval from the US Embassy in Guatemala. What this means is our documents will be put before PGN which is the Guatemalan court system. Once we complete that step which the timing is not clear but at least 6-8 weeks (most people are kicked out one time, which means you correct something minor on your documents and then resubmit the file) then we can move much closer to bringing her home! Thanks for your continued prayers and support that was a really long WAIT for that step. Eight more days and I get to hold her again. Praise God for his many blessings.

Yes, Gavin tried on Nadia's hat and really liked wearing it while watching his favorite movie right now, I love toy trains. His shirt says word to big bird. Some great things Gavin is currently up to are: singing, dancing, playing CARS all the time ( there is not a nook or cranny in the house that does not have a matchbox car hiding or "night night" as he calls it) He is constantly bringing us books and saying "book time" as he calls it when he wants to read. He is beginning to sing the ABC song and enjoys counting his toys
(sometimes he will sneak a bit of Spanish numbers in...)

This week was quite long for Mommy because Gavin had another virus. The Meabon family needs better ANTI-VIRUS software installed in our home. An interesting version of hand, foot and mouth we presume due to the crazy number of fevers and Mon P.M-Thursday P.M all ranging from 101-104.8. A half of a bottle of ibuprofen and nasty and painful mouth sores...and sleep loss for all.. let's just check the week off the list! We did however have a great time just being home together. Sadly, our playdates were all canceled (of course) Next week Aunt Michelle and Baby Sam are coming over. We look forward to a really fun weekend with just the three of us before I have to say goodbye to my handsome men and Hola to my baby angel girl!


Susanne said...

I love this pic of him! So cute! We are so excited that the process is a bit farther along.

Love you,

Tina said...

SO excited to hear you've made it one more step! And, if you find an Anti-virus software for your home, can we have a copy? I am so sick of colds. Glad Gavin is feeling better.

Ellings said...

That's such good news! We probably will be getting our babies around the same time! Hope you are all feeling better....being sick is no fun.