Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fun Aunt Susanne came all the way from Durham, England to help Nadia and I continue our stay in Guatemala. She accomplished a lot on her stay including:
1. She helped us get out of PGN! Michelle (my sis) says, "it takes an Aunt to get you out" Michelle was in Guate the day Gavin got out of PGN. Which is basically the day she became offically our baby.
2. She became a baby hair stylist. Nadia no longer has the problem of a mullet (no she really had one) now she has pigtails and they are soooo cute.
2. She helped her begin to sign. Nadia loves using her sign language and I am bragging a bit here she is only 9 months!
3. She finished her Christmas shopping...
4. But most of all she ate more of the best brownies in all of Central America then all of my visitors combined.

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