Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We spent last week enjoying Spring Break at New Smyrna Beach. We rented a condo on the beach and had a very nice heated pool. Gavin learned to swim with Swimmies. Nadia loved the ocean and playing in the sand and the girls really bonded in such sweet ways. Nadia could have stayed for hours digging if we would have let her! Gavin sang, Peter and James and John in the Sail boat out in the deep blue the top of his lungs, "Then came Jesus walking on the water." He loved chasing waves, flying kites, eating fresh fish and strawberry shortcake and having so much Gammamma and Papa Dan time. Thanks Mike for letting us go and for all you do for us! The drive all the way down in one day with 7 bodies in one mini van was a bit dicey but worth every minute of "being together" (another favorite phrase of Gavin's). I cannot believe that I can drive 6 hours straight maybe truck driving is in my future?

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The Nichols' Family said...

What an amazing to together! That is really what life is all!