Monday, April 07, 2008

So, I have been incredibly slow at blogging not sure if there is a legitimate excuse except for as I speak my son is trying to grow out of his nap! I actually had them both napping at the same time which was simply amazing for a while. This is trying to make him nap thing is starting to make me a bit crazy. During his nap time he now: stays in his room, sings, sometimes empties drawers, strips himself of clothing or sometimes his bed. You cannot say he his not creative to say the least. Not sure when to give up.? (giving up has not really been one of my best talents).. I have been actually bribing him with his Easter candy if he goes right to sleep. Speaking of Easter I believe I forgot to blog some photos Mike's parents came for Easter which was very special and they took most of the photos which I do not have as of yet (Papa Dave). Now, I need to go upstairs and once again tell him to rest. We really enjoyed our now becoming annual Easter egg hunt at with the Oppold's (thanks again for hosting and being so amazing Oppold family) So, I just bribed Gavin with 3 fruit snacks and a piece of chocolate we shall see since is has been over an hour since he has been quietly playing in his bed we may need to count that as his nap. Do any mom's have any suggestions for my just turned 3 and opposing a nap? Enjoy these couple of Easter photos. Oh and if you are wondering he is napping now but guess who is ready for her mummy? You guessed my sweet Nadia!

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Julettia said...

I hate to be the bearer of this news, but it is extremely common for little ones to give up their naps around 3 Mel! Good news is, maybe he will go down a little earlier in the evenings!