Monday, May 07, 2007

Buenos Dias! This morning we were startled while all still in bed by a small earthquake. Antigua is surrounded by mountains volcanoes actually and (some are active) We climbed and active one with Gavin at 4 months (because we were STUPIDO) yes Mike you were right that was the wrong choice...hee hee Anyway every 25 years there is a MAJOR earthquake here. I cannot remember when the last one was exactly but I know we have a while. Anyway Gamma Sharyl and I (mostly gamma's idea) changed Nadia's sleep schedule last night and for the first time in 3 days I feel as though I am at 70% energy wise. Her schedule was...bed at 8:00 PM up at 12:00/feeding and 5:00/feeding for the day (YUCK) Last night though we tanked her and had very different results. We feed her a patcha (Guate slang for bottle) at dinner at Don Luisa Then at about 7:30 we gave her as much cereal as she could handle. Then she stirred for a while about 1 hr instead of 2..and she woke up at 10:00 for another Patcha, and 3:00 and then is still waking up as we speak and it is 7:35 AM. THANK GOD for new methods. She now weighs 11.9! Keep growing girl. I promise better and more photos to photographer is not here. I love you and miss you MIKE!

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Sandy (and Kent) said...

Just checked in for the latest news and photos...loved what I chuckles forced Kent to come over and see what was tickling me...and then he shared in the chuckles. We chuckled at Nadia smiling, chuckled at Gavin spruced up for Easter, chuckled at G in Nadia's hat, and really chuckled at Mike and G in the pool.
As always, our thoughts and prayers are with you and we know you are savoring every minute.