Sunday, May 06, 2007

We are here, we are safe and she is amazing. The Westin was great, but I felt like I was home away from home as we pulled into Antigua. Our hotel is quaint and comfortable. We are very comfortable this evening temperature is cool as a rain system passes through. It was very cloudy today Volcano Agua was not even visible. We ate dinner at Dona Luisa a very local and simple restaurant we enjoyed our cheesburgers and fries with strawberry milkshakes. Nadia, is smiley sweet and a little more difficult to figure out this time. She has been happy most of the day and loved swimming for about 1 hour while mom and I traded off our 1/2 hour massages. Mom's back is not perfect but she is such a blessing and a tropper. Right now Nadia is enjoying her rice cereal however she spits out each bite but wants more..We had the chance to meet with our attorney Hector and really enjoyed him. He is kind and seems genuinely interested in helping us in every way. Stay tuned for more updates. Love you all....

Melissa, Nadia and Gamma Sharyl


Susanne said...

Hey there, we are thinking of you guys and hope it will a great week! lots of love Aunt Sus and Uncle K

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel!
We missed you at LG last night. It was wonderful to see you and Nadia on the webcam. I'm praying for you each...G looked great and was so fun at dinner on Saturday!Miss you much..Be Safe!
Love the Oppold's