Monday, April 07, 2008

This is Gavin and Aaron in Guatemala City last September.
Here they are in Indiana 7 months later!

Aaron and Kristian are complete Star Wars nuts, they really taught Gavin a lot about the force this week. He even learned how to fight with an imaginary lightsaber. Mike could not be more proud. Aaron loves Gavin so much and mostly sat with him and hugged him and read his Star Wars books to him teaching much about "the force."


The Liller Family said...

Awesome pics and movie clip! Miss the Gill's so much - how awesome that you got to spend so much quality time with them!!! Tell them we said hello! It was great talking with you the other day too - we have to get together soon!

Susanne said...

so fun to see all the photos. All are so adorable.

Miss you guys.
Sus and K

Nancy said...

The Star Wars traditions continues. Way to go Aaron! I know Gavin had such fun. Love, MOM/N