Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This photo was taken in 2003 when Michelle and I took a road trip to visit our Grandpa and Aunt Mildred in Florida. Tomorrow I will attend my Great Great Aunt Mildred's viewing and her funeral on Thursday. She lived to be 100! Well, my Grandfather (my mother's father) is her nephew. He should have died on Saturday. He was wearing a blue Do Not Resucitate (DNR) bracelet on and decided in the middle of the night to have his nurse take it off. He must have known that his breathing was getting worse. By Sunday morning he was on a ventilator and by Sunday at 10:30 his Aunt Mildred had passed away. Grandpa is now already off the ventilator breathing on his own and out of ICU! Amazing..tomorrow I hope to share with him and try and talk to him about his faith. I also get to bring the kids up to visit him too!

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Anonymous said...

How amazing it must be to live to be 100! Right on Mildred! Our thoughts are with you, and I am so glad to hear your Grandpa is improving. I love Miracles!!!