Thursday, July 19, 2007

So, a little bit of the familiar never hurt anyone..yesterday Gavin had his favorite food chicken nuggets. That's right at McDonalds in Antigua, Guatemala. By the way there are a lot of rosters around here and whenever Gavin hears them he exclaims, Chickens Chickens make Chicken Nuggets!" The other photo shows you what Gavin wants to do all the time..hold baby Nadia so sweet he really is a special BIG BROTHER!


Julettia said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pics Melissa! I will keep checking in. They are both adorable and Gavin looks like he is taking on the big brother role quite nicely. We checked in w/Mike this evening (he met us for dinner at Moe's!). He seems to be doing well! The painting is coming along it seems! Miss you!

Mike said...

Glad you are having fun and enjoying Antigua, can't wait to see you all.


Anonymous said...

Keep us posted. We are praying for you!!!! The Oppold's

Sue Deal said...

Mike and Melissa, We think of you and hope for resolution and happiness. from Bob and Sue

p.s. She is absolutely beautiful!

Deal said...
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Deal said...

Hi Gavin,
Aunt Chelle likes chicken nuggets also. Baby Sam and I miss you!

Baby Sam and Aunt Chelle