Sunday, July 29, 2007

When it is all said and done the trip with my parents was filled with a lot of giggling, hugs, kisses, pain, and even tears from all. Thanks again Mom and Dad for helping us get established here in Guate. For those of you who do not know when my mom came to help me foster (had to share this sorry mom) with Gavin the day before she left we climbed Pacaya, yes with a 3 month old, yes it was an active volcano, no we did not go near the lava, but we could hear it booming. Well, on the way back down the volcano mom sprained her ankle and it was the size of an apple. A park ranger was able to wrap it and give it a treatment. So, the next day we teased that she had to get out of Guate, before Guate got her! Well, on Friday I was terrified when she woke up and proclaimed to me (still unable to walk upright with back pain) that she needed to go to an emergency room. I knew the connections and I had were reliable and I basically knew that where we had to go but I was not exactly sure because I had never been to a Guatemalan hospital! The whole idea gave me shivers...but I prayed for direction and stayed calm and started making phone calls. By 9:00 am I had a bilingual driver and the name of the medicines mom needed. He drove us very slowly through Antigua the roads are so bumpy and we were very thankful because she was in so much pain. The fastest way to get treatment here is to go to a pharmacy first and buy WHATEVER and I mean WHATEVER drug you want. She wanted a narcotic level pain killer that is only injectable. When we asked for it they handed it to us like it was a box of q-tips or something. SYRNIGE and ALL! When we asked for two more...they walked right over and gave it to us! Mom exlaimed in disbeliefe, "THEY HANDED YOU A SYRINGE." The Dr. at the private hospital was very helpful and reccomended more pain medicine and even wrote her a note to stay for 10 more days if she was going to unable to fly. Mom, laughed and said the same thing as 2 years before,..."I'm going home I want my own bed." I replied with the same reply as two years ago, "you better before Guate gets you!" Even though the last thing you want to do is go to a hospital in the third world I am happy I know that we can get to one very quickly and it is a decent hospital too.

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The Oppold Family said...

Missing you and praying for you so very much. I wish words could describe how much we are lifting you daily...Just know we continue to seek God and his blessings upon you each....Love you!!