Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sorry for the blog silence..things have been a bit nuts here. I finally have a handle on our case and we are once again back in PGN as of July 25. Which means we could be here and will most likely be here for at least two more months. We are praying for a miracle but that is the usual way things go with PGN. So enough of the talk about the yucky part of our life. This past week was difficult and fun too. In addition to learning about our cases slow down on Monday morning my amazing hard working mother threw out her back...and when I say threw out she literally had to stay in bed for the week. The sad but part we were all thankful for is that Papa Dan arrived on Sunday! He ran up to the plate and stepped in to help in a major way. Boy does he love his grandkids and do they LOVE him!

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