Saturday, July 14, 2007

These photos were taken at the Westin Gavin's last moments as the little prince now there is a princess too! He squealed, "Baby Nadia" when he met her for the first time and loves to hug her!

Wow, becoming a mother of two in a third world country has not given me one dull moment. God as well as Gavin and Nadia have exceeded my expectations. Our place is really nice and very comfortable. We went into town today and while we were at a sweet little coffee shop called, Higher Ground they played Gavin's favorite song Hillsong "Take it All" so crazy in Antigua Guatemala. We were able to find pureed vegetables for Nadia at a little tienda called Epicure, a gourmet shop of sorts that actually sells TRADER JOE"S food. I'm am so proud of how well Gavin is adjusting he simply loves Nadia. He is unsure of how gentle to be of course but he is learning. He is keeping up with his potty training for the most part. Nadia thinks Gavin is simply hilarious. Nadia had a really rough night last night and has a bit of a wet cough but seemed better today. When she is really happy she begins swinging herself really fast back and forth. She is so sweet and loves to be held all the time!

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